The variety of items which are available at The Closet is awesome.  From one day to the next you may find yet another treasure, another collectible, a piece to support your business or your hobby, or something else you cannot live without.  Visit this page frequently to see what’s new.  We cannot guarantee they haven’t been sold though we do our best to note when an item is gone.

Tales from the Crypt Magazine

This is a 5-volume bound set of the Tales from the Crypt magazine in a slipcase box. These appear to be in excellent condition. Priced at $300 for the 5-volume set.

There is also a 5-volume bound set of The Haunt of Fear magazine in a slipcase box. Also appearing to be in excellent condition, this set is separately priced at $300.

(SORRY – SOLD ALREADY)  Travel Harmonium


This is a portable travel harmonium, an instrument which has its original roots in Europe but which has been adopted as principally an instrument of the country of India.  It is a modified version of a reed organ, with keys like a piano and bellows to pump air into the instrument.  It also seems to be closely related to a pump organ. 

This instrument has four stops, two main stops (which control the tone produced when the keys are struck) and two drone stops (which produce a continuous underlying sound even with no keys pushed). 

This example is from India and is a packable version with its own cloth carrying case.  It appears to play properly, though we are not certain how long it should play after the bellows is pumped.  There is one piece of white plastic which has been repaired on the top section, but this does not seem to impact the instrument’s operation.  There is no key for the case. 

The size when closed is approximately 21¾ inches wide by 10¾ inches deep by 6½ inches high.

Many similar harmoniums sell on-line for over $300.  The Closet’s price is $90.

(SOLD) Vintage Vienna Woods Soup Tureen

This stunning vintage Vienna Woods find china blue onion Seymour Mann soup tureen would make a fine addition to your dining table or china cabinet!


(SOLD) Samurai Helmet


This vintage iron Samurai helmet is approximately half size and this style was originally made in the 1930s for display on Boy’s Day in Japan.  The age of this specific example is unknown.  The tassel is still attached, and they are often missing.  Shows it wear from the years, but it is still a great display piece of oriental decoration.  The Closet’s price is $35 


(SOLD) Antique Doll Stroller

The Closet has for sale a very appealing antique doll stroller constructed of wood, wicker, iron and canvas. It appears to be Victorian style, from the late 1800s/early 1900s, though its actual vintage is unknown. It is in beautiful condition given its age and would look fabulous with a collection of vintage dolls!  The Closet’s price is only $50 for this piece of history.

(SOLD) Flinch Card Game from 1903


The Closet recently sold an excellent example of the 1903 edition of the Flinch card game, a great find for the collector of toys and games.  This was a very early edition of a card game invented in 1901 which is still being sold in newer editions today.  This copy included all 150 cards, instructions and original box.  It was in excellent condition, considering it is over 100 years old.  The colors on the box and the cards were still nice and vivid.  The bottom of box had an interesting inscription: “Christmas from Papa 1903” along with a name, “L. Bernice Garritt”.  It is possible that this name is the same person who was the registrar of the College for Women at Western Reserve University in the early 1900s.  The instructions were also inscribed with this name. Stop in to The Closet frequently to find special items such as this one – they don’t last long once they are put out for sale!


(SORRY – This SOLD FAST! Check Back Often for the next treasure)

Vintage Kay an EE Child’s Sewing Machine

This is a vintage hand-cranked child’s sewing machine, dating from the late 1940s – early 1950s, manufactured in Germany by the Kay an EE corporation. It is marked with “Berlin, Made in Germany, US-Zone”. This pale green model is in good condition and includes the decorative decals, original hang-tag, clamp (used to secure the machine to a table), and a vintage thread spool. This is a great find for either a toy collector or a sewing enthusiast. These are not common in this condition and with the included clamp and hang-tag. Priced at $50.


(SORRY – This SOLD Already!) Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV Home Entertainment Speaker System

This is a Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV home entertainment speaker system.  This high-end system includes the powered Acoustimass module which provides powerful low note effects, four reflecting cube speaker arrays, and one center front speaker.  Originally sold retail for about $1000, and now selling on Ebay for $300 to $500 and above.  It appears to have been used very little and has been tested with an Onkyo AV system (also for sale at The Closet – in our front window).  Priced at only $200.   Check it out in our front store window and then take it home to set up an amazing speaker system.




(SOLD – Another Treasure at The Closet Got Away before You Could Buy It!)  Authentic Vintage Traffic Light

This is an authentic metal traffic light.  It is approximately 30” high, 11” wide and 15 ½” deep.  It includes the three 8” lenses and lens shades.  Each lamp and shade swing out independently.  It is wired for 110V, but only the yellow light is wired with a lamp.  It should probably be rewired.

Great addition for a man-cave or as a gift for the auto enthusiast!  Or re-wire the red and green as Christmas lights!

Priced at $75 – way less than traffic lights on Ebay, and no shipping costs to pay.

See this traffic light on display in The Closet’s front window, then ask to this great piece of automobile/highway history up close.


(SOLD) Vintage Rountree Brothers Travel Trunk

Sorry but this great find sold very quickly.  Check back often for what’s new at The Closet!

This is a vintage Victorian era steamer trunk manufactured by the H. W. Rountree Brothers Trunk and Bag Company of Richmond Virginia.  It measures 30” wide by 19” deep and 20” high, is solidly constructed with heavy duty hardware and is in very good condition.  The interior is lined with a decorative floral design.  The trunk includes a lift-out tray that is so uniquely designed that it was patented by the H. W. Rountree Company.  This tray is constructed in two parts and the front section can be swung up, allowing access to items stored in the bottom section.



This is an amazing find for the collector and would be a unique piece in a décor highlighting antique furniture and travel.  Stop in to The Closet and ask the store manager to see this piece of history.










(SOLD) Rare Tintin Snowy Porcelain HERGE Chocolate/Coffee Set AXIS Paris


This is a beautiful find!  It is a rare Tintin Snowy Porcelain HERGE chocolate/coffee pot set by AXIS Paris.  The set consists of the pot (with lid), a sugar bowl (with lid), creamer, and a boxed set of 6 demitasse cups with saucers.  You aren’t going to find a nicer set, in excellent condition with the cups/saucers still boxed.  This is a great deal for the collector or lover of Tintin.  Estimated retail value is $375 and The Closet is selling it for only $150.  Stop in and view this outstanding collectable.


(SOLD) GEN7PETS Jogging Pet Stroller

If you have an older pet that needs help while going on walks, this is your perfect way to get them fresh air while you get your exercise jogging.  This pet stroller is in great condition and this is the perfect time to get in walks on fall days.  Stop in and see this bargain, priced at only $60 compared with the new price of over $180.


(SOLD) Ten Place Settings of Lenox Brookdale China (Sold but Please Read its Story)

We are sorry you missed this fabulous set of fine china, but thought you might be interested in the story behind its purchase, which shows that you need to check out The Closet frequently for what’s new.  This was a set of ten place settings of Lenox Brookdale china.  Several days after it went on the floor, a woman visited The Closet on a Friday afternoon, and as she was leaving she spotted this set and recognized it as her mother’s pattern.  She snapped a picture on her phone and sent it to her Mom and Dad.  Her parents, married 52 years ago, had been given pieces of this pattern as wedding gifts but had never been able to fully complete the set as Lenox had discontinued the pattern.  On Saturday morning Mom and Dad arrived at The Closet at opening time and finally got to complete their china set.  They were glowing with happiness as they left the store. Mom told The Closet workers that she has often shopped at The Closet, and one of her finds was unique quilting squares and patterns that she used for a special camp for unwed mothers, making lovely individual quilts for their young children.  What a giving person!  We were glad this couple could celebrate their 52 years together with their lucky find of this china set.  So remember, your next trip to The Closet may be the day you find your personal treasure, a perfect gift, or something which will help make someone else’s life happier. 

Set of Lenox Brookdale China

(SORRY – THIS HAS BEEN SOLD)  Weeden and Weeden Vintage Steam Engine

We are highlighting this find at The Closet not because it is extremely valuable, but to show the types of unique items which come into the store and are available to you our customers.  This is a vintage (1930-1942) model steam engine, Model 902, made by the Weeden and Weeden Manufacturing Company in New Bedford Massachusetts.  It operates on 115 volts to heat the water, creating steam to turn to flywheel.  It’s a splendid example of a vintage model representing the past technology of steam engines.  Measuring about 9” by 7”, this is a not something which takes up a great deal of display space.  So, if you are interested in old technology, or if you are looking for a unique item to display in your den, this may be for you.  Even if it’s not what you want, it shows the uniqueness of merchandise at The Closet – stop in often and see what’s new.

(SOLD) Kids Ride-On Cars

The Closet has two great cars for the kids to use this summer.  One is an electric Jeep Rubison and the other is a classic pink pedal car for your girl.  Check them out under Special Finds at The Closet on the home page.


(SOLD) Furniture
While The Closet does not normally accept and sell large furniture, at times we are able to accept limited pieces and make them available at great prices.  Take a look at the items currently at The Closet:

Victorian Style Upholstered Chairs (SOLD)
There are two upholstered Victorian style chairs, priced to sell at $40 each.


Small Mahogany Desk (SOLD)
This small mahogany desk by Bombay is a great accent piece and priced to sell at $50. It measures about 28 inches wide and 42 inches high.



Musical Instruments (SORRY – THESE HAVE SOLD)
The Closet now has a wide selection of musical instruments, all at very reasonable prices.  Included are two autoharps, a bugle, four trumpets (SOLD), a flute, and three electric guitars (ONE REMAINING UNSOLD).  Check out some of the highlights below:


Jubel Tone Autoharp (SOLD)

Yamaha Trumpet (SOLD)


Harmony Guitar (SOLD)

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar (SOLD)


Bundy Flute (SOLD)


Bernina Activa 230 Sewing Machine (SOLD)

This is a high-caliber sewing machine which lists for over $1000 retail and $500+ on Ebay and we have it listed at only $200. The sewing machine appears in good condition but has one issue in that it requires warmup time up to 30 minutes after turning on before use. After warming up it seems to function properly. See The Closet store manager and she can show you the machine.
Please stop in to our store and check out this great deal and check out the other great items for sale in the store!