… a faith-based volunteer-driven organization impacting lives through its non-profit thrift shop.



The Closet is a non-profit thrift store located in Herndon, Va.  Founded in 1974 by a number of faith-based congregations; today The Closet has 20 faith-based congregations participating. You can find these 20 congregations at The Closet Member Congregations.

Our core mission is to offer the shopping public good quality used clothing, household articles and other items at very affordable prices.

After expenses, profits are distributed as grants to local non-profit organizations which directly or indirectly benefit low-income families in Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Additionally, The Closet has a scholarship program through six local high schools, providing scholarships for graduating seniors pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities.  Further, The Closet also provides clothing and other household items free to families and individuals referred from local social services organizations supporting Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.

The following graphics represent one year’s investment in the local community through grants and scholarships.  By investing our excess income in this manner, The Closet helps to strengthen the fabric of the local community and serves the needs of low income and at-risk individuals and families.  More information regarding the Grants, Scholarships, and Voucher programs can be found at Grants, Scholarships and Voucher Programs.



Not every item donated to The Closet can be sold in the store, so we deliver certain goods are delivered to communities in the Shenandoah Valley, where they are distributed free of charge to those who need a helping hand.

Values and Beliefs
The Closet of the Greater Herndon Area is founded on a fundamental set of values and beliefs, which we will always continue to uphold. These values and beliefs state that The Closet organization believes in the inherent dignity of all human life. The Closet will serve all regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, disability, sexual preference, marital status, or any other legal category.

We treasure our ability to provide our service to Herndon’s diverse community in accordance with these values and beliefs.

Hear about The Closet directly from the President of the Board of The Closet of Greater Herndon by viewing the following YouTube link: Message from The Closet Board President