THE CLOSET…Your Neighborhood Thrift Shop

845 Station Street Herndon, VA 20170





Store Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 10 am – 5 pm

Monday & Thursday 5pm – 8 pm

E-Mail:  Phone: 703.437.7652



The Closet of the Greater Herndon Area, Inc. was organized by faith-based organizations in Herndon, Reston, Oakton, Sterling and surrounding areas. The organization operates a thrift shop that offers used clothing, household articles and other items at affordable prices; provides clothing and other appropriate items at no charge to persons referred by an authorized agency; utilizes surplus revenues for worthy projects that directly or indirectly benefit low-income families in Fairfax and Loudoun counties; and encourages community involvement.



 WELCOME AND THANK YOU for volunteering at The Closet.  As a member of a faith-based organization or local community, we hope we can make this a great experience for you. Our volunteers reduce our operating expenses and maximize our ability to support local charities and provide scholarships to deserving high school recipients.

Volunteers are an integral and valuable part of The Closet. With agreement on the value of The Closet’s role in the community and a heartfelt willingness to meet the needs of The Closet, all are welcome as volunteers. By sharing their time and talents, volunteers contribute to the success of our nonprofit thrift shop. The Closet is a faith-based organization, and its volunteers come from all faiths and indeed all walks of life in the community. 

Volunteers, management and staff work together as a team, in a respectful and considerate manner, to support the mission of The Closet. This is the key to a successful organization and aligns with the standards of our faith-based member congregations.


Tips for a Successful Volunteer Experience

  • First time you volunteer. An experienced volunteer will assist you in filling out basic sign-in information, which includes emergency contacts. This person will also give you a tour of the facility and introduce you to the Store Manager and staff.
  • Promptness and log-in. At the beginning of every shift, please log in and put on a green apron and name tag.
  • Shoes. Wearing closed-toed shoes is recommended.
  • Assignments. Ask the Store Manager for an assignment. The Store Manager will try to accommodate you if you have a specific request. Volunteers work under the general direction and guidance of the Store Manager.
  • Customer service. Provide good customer service to all with courtesy, a positive attitude and a smile.
  • Price adjustment requests. Refer customer requests for price adjustments to the Store Manager. If the Store Manager is absent, refer to the Assistant Store Managers or the Store Manager on duty.
  • Safety first. Ask for help from staff to move heavy baskets or to reach items on shelves. Only staff can climb on a ladder or stool. Ask staff for assistance when removing items from the window displays.
  • First aid. No matter how insignificant the matter may appear to be, alert the Store Manager, as in most cases, a report has to be filed. Basic first aid supplies are located in white bins across from Ms. Lien’s desk in jewelry area in back room and in the kitchen area on the shelves.
  • Exit locations. Locate exits in case of emergency.
  • Unusual behavior. If a volunteer observes unusual behavior, such as tag removal or a customer hiding items, alert the Store Manager.


Volunteer Assignments

  • Front checkout area. Wrap and bag purchases, and retrieve matching shoes.
  • Jewelry counter. Help customers select jewelry and other items in the glass cabinets, put in paper bag with customer name to be retrieved when customer checks out. Items from the locked cases are held at the jewelry area as well until the customer checks out.
  • Dressing room attendant. Count and track items incoming and outgoing. Three (3) items are allowed in the dressing room at one time. Return items to sales floor in down times.
  • Sales floor/Merchandisers:

o   Greet customer, answer customer questions.

o   Place priced items from baskets in middle room on sales floor.

o   Return items missing a sales tag to pricers.

o   Pick up items/hangers under and on top of racks.

o   Straighten items on sales floor to maintain a professional appearance.

o   If necessary, gently remind parents of toy area rules, as posted in toy area, and keep area free of potential tripping hazards.

o   Monitor back door exit.

o   If the customer wants to purchase clothes or shoes from the store window, find out what size the customer is looking for first.

  • Pricers:

o   Pricing. The Store Manager has ultimate authority for deciding how any article or category of merchandise should be priced. Only the Store Manager has the authority to review and/or change previous pricing decisions.

o   Clothing.  Train with Assistant Store Manager on how to sort and price clothing.

o   Hard goods. (located in the middle room): Volunteer will train with an experienced pricer.

  • Electronics. Train with an experienced pricer.


Store Guidelines and Policies

  • Volunteers should not direct employees.
  • Volunteers shop before or after their shifts.
  • Items placed on the “customer hold” shelves will be returned to the sales floor at the end of each day. The Store Manager must approve exceptions.
  • If a volunteer wishes to purchase an item that has not been priced, they may ask a pricer to price the item at the pricer’s convenience.
  • Generally, a customer cannot purchase an unpriced item that is in the store. Store policy is “No tag, no sale.” Return item to the appropriate pricing areas for repricing. The Store Manager must approve exceptions.

Thank you for volunteering at The Closet. Please go to the website listed above for more information about The Closet; subscribe to our monthly newsletter through The Closet website; and like us on Facebook @